22. November 2022

List of Blogposts

here are the English Blogposts, check also the German ones

These Blogposts are a wild mixture of themes which people have been asking me about.
Die Beiträge auf deutsch sind hier


A like Agent or Alcohol 

This thing with the agents…

Alcohol, Covid, and us


B like Burnout

Burnout on Premiere-day? How to survive the last two weeks of rehearsals without losing your voice


C like Career, children and Corona

Career – dream about it or go for it?  

Can opera singers have children?

CORONA (english)   

I am a singer – do I have to learn another profession now?


E like end of career 

End of career – when it stops


F like Fest-Engagement

How fest is fest?


H like Holidays

Summer Holidays – 6 weeks of what?


K like Korrepetition 

Vocal Coaching/“Korrepetition“ – the possible dilemma


M like Masterclass and Menopause

How do I choose a masterclass?

Menopause – the big challenge


Q like Quality

How can we maintain our quality?


R like Role preparation, 

Preparing a role


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