27. August 2019

Passion Teaching

Passion teaching

I have always loved teaching and missed it during periods in my life when I was „only“ performing. The work with young singers in the context of a university and singing challenging roles seemed the perfect balance for me.

But it all started much earlier: about 9 years old, I started helping others with homework, at 14, I gave my first piano-lessons.

Due to my aspiration to become a concert-pianist, I studied piano and musical education in Cologne – only to discover that singing was my real passion.

My vocal studies in Ernst Haefliger’s class in Munic were financed by giving piano lessons. During my last two years in Munich, I taught voice to future schoolteachers, choral directors, and cantors at the same institution.

During my time as a professional singer, I held two professorships – 5 years in Winterthur and 18 years at the Frankfurt State Conservatory (HfMDK).
In 2017, I left the institution to have more time for teaching at Opera-studios and for Coaching other musicians.

It takes intensive and continuous work to build and maintain a voice that will withstand decades in the opera business.  Here there are no quick fixes. The best singing lessons are those that help the singer develop their own distinctive sound and find a way of vocalizing that is consistent with their own personality and artistic tendencies. My teaching ideology is based on respect:

  • for the music
  • for the physical disposition of each singer
  • for the singer’s individual mindset
hedwig fassbender
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