27. August 2019

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Masterclass 2023

February 15 – 19: „the next step“ – Retreat for Singers over 35

Finally, a masterclass for singers who have already been in the job for some years!
No listeners and no stress with a final concert!


August 22 – September 1  exzellenz labor oper

The perfect course for singers and pianists in the opera field who are already rather successful but want to join our team of highly professional specialists in order to get this „finishing touch“ which, in the end, makes the decisive difference.

Masterclasses at Opera-Studios

Among other things, the challenge for young singers and pianists in opera studios is to intelligently and confidently integrate the input of various guest instructors into their own singing and playing. I am fortunate to be able to work regularly with the young singers and pianists of several opera studios, thereby ensuring a certain degree of continuity.

The technical foundations of my teaching are flexible, flowing breath, a slender method of vocalization, and a sensible employment of the resonance cavities.

The goal is to have created a stable technical framework for complete „artistic permeability,“ which will allow the singer to be free in their artistic and musical interpretations, and for them to enjoy a healthy and long-term pursuit of our highly demanding profession.

hedwig fassbender
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