27. August 2019

Masterclasses & Exzellenz Labor

Masterclasses & Exzellenz Labor

Hedwig Fassbender regularly gives masterclasses in conservatories, summer academies, and opera studios across Europe – including in her own program, »exzellenz labor oper«.

Masterclasses 2023

15.-19. Februar: „the next step“ – Retreat for Singers over 35
Finally a masterclass for singers who have already been in the job for some years!
No listeners and no stress with a final concert!

August 22 – September 1: exzellenz labor oper

Center of the course is the work on musical style of German Repertoire, Mozart/Barock, Italian and French Belcanto with four internationally acclaimed instructors (Hedwig Fassbender, Fausto Nardi, Enrico Maria Cacciari, René Massis), and we also focus on Audition training with Mathias Hermann, Mental training with Magdalena Zabanoff, Feldenkrais with Rebecca Meitlis, advice in clothing and make-up with Amélie Sator and Nadja Dalheimer.

For Master-Students in their last year, members of Operastudios and Singers in their first professional years

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