27. August 2019

Exzellenz Labor Unterseite englisch


The Exzellenz-Labor Gesang (ExLab Voice), founded in 2014, is especially dear to my heart and I am very proud of the fact, that it has been developing so well. It realizes my vision of the best way to work with young singers AND pianists who are already close to or in their first years of employment.

Exzellenz-Labor Gesang invites experienced, excellent instructors of international reputation who, in addition to their expertise, are able to devote themselves entirely to young musicians.

This laboratory combines individual technical, musical, physical and mental work with team-teaching-units. In  group-sessions we reflect the development in the international opera-business.

The ExLab Voice provides the finishing touch which makes the decisive difference between very good and excellent. By now, it has been attended by over 50 young musicians, whose feedback and development show us that the formula really works.“

hedwig fassbender
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