30. August 2019

Coaching for professorship

Clear thoughts, clear acting.
Coaching for Applicants Seeking Professorships at Conservatories

How this coaching can help you:

Have you gained ample performance and/or teaching experience and now want to pass on your knowledge to the next generation? Would you like to apply for a professorship, but you do not quite know how?

A competitive application for a professorship requires insider knowledge, excellent teaching demonstrations, stringent pedagogical concept work, and eloquence in the interview process.

During my time as both member and chairperson on many appointment committees, I observed time and again how suitable candidates were prematurely dismissed from the interview process due to a lack of knowledge and preparation – mostly regarding teaching demonstrations and institutional structures.

My coaching offers a clear, sound, and structured path, guiding you step by step from the application to your professorship appointment.

The building blocks of the coaching:

  • A first consultation (free of charge)
  • A personalized day tailored to your needs with conversations, analysis and simulation of teaching demonstrations
  • The accompaniment to the successful application
  • Additional one-on-one coachings
  • Preparation and debriefing of your teaching demonstrations
  • Review of your teaching and pedagogical concept documents
  • My availability to you for further questions and/or feedback in person, by phone, or by e-mail at no additional price

My qualifications:

  • A certified training as Systemic Coach at the European Business School (EBS) with Wilhelm Backhausen,
  • Advanced training in solution-oriented short coaching (LOKC) with Sabine Asgodom
  • Over 20 years experience as a university professor, many years as a chair of the voice department and dean
  • Experience as a member, chair, and external expert on appointment committees in Germany, Switzerland and France.
  • Over 35 years of international experience on operatic, concert and recital stages
  • A sound intuition for people
  • Several years of coaching experience
  • A lengthy roster of successful former students
  • Success stories of former clients who now hold professorships
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